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Why your domain name counts in your search engine position

Domain name countsSo someone is building a website on turtle grooming, but many don’t know that one of the MAJOR factors that Google looks at in the position of placement on it’s search engine is keywords located in the domain name of a site. STOP!!! You are telling me if I have a site named turtlegrooming.com, it will rank higher under the keywords ‘turtle grooming’ than if I call it mygreenmomo.com?? Yes Alice, with all other factors being the same, now you’re cookin’ and it will show by beating your competition. Continue reading

How a Web Professional and Not Any Guy Makes the Sale! Works Offline Too!

Professional Sales?First, let me say as a web professional, I have a very strong sales background connecting with clients including property management, IT, security, and of course desktop PC’s. I learned sales closing and marketing tactics over the years from a wide variety of companies. Some successful, and some not so much. My favorite source for the way I approach clients is not from a new modern model, but from a man who sold pots and pans, Zig Ziglar. In one of his books, he viewed almost everyone he encountered as a client in some capacity Continue reading

Protected: What Makes a Good or Bad Apartment Complex in Omaha Nebraska

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One of my favorite features of the Coffeecup 2010 HTML Editor

Good tools make it east to learn HTMLSeveral things are awesome with this web design program, but one of my favorite features that is built in is the search and replace. What’s so special you ask? The search and replace not only will do a S&R for a file, but for an entire directory and sub directories. If you need to brand a site quickly to promote any product, it makes this process 10 times easier and is more accurate then the opensource software I was using previously.

How to get a great HTML editor –>HTML Editor

If you look around on the Coffeecup site, or have tried their other programs, you probably realize it’s not like that swreg crap where software doesn’t perform. Their software and support is excellent.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, It’s a Science and not an Art!

real art not SEOI often see ebooks, articles, ads, saying they have a ‘trick’ that will allow you to be found on the search engines. This is due to the fact that they are emphasizing an area that the search engines use to decide what position to display the information about the site, Continue reading

It’s Not About Just Being Good, It’s About the Connecting with the Client Stupid.

A lot of this business is resources, and resource management. But the thing I see too much, is many companies spend way too much time building a profile, and not the company infrastructure itself. When a prospective client comes to your company in need of work, not only are they given a short resume(is ok in the beginning), they are also supplied with little to meet their business needs except some words on how great your organization is.
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Web Marketing NOT 101! 99 Class- Don’t Let the Word Affiliate Depreciate What You Do

Rod AllenToo many people do this for an easy buck and don’t treat it for what it is…a business. Affiliate just means nothing these days, and if you are breathing, a human life form(questionable), and can stick your tiny little link into any page by the miracle of copy-paste, you can be an AFFILIATE MARKETER, con-grad-u-damn-lations! This is a business. A tough business. Out of 100 of you that read this, probably only one of you will have any measure of success at all.

If you are in this for the long haul, you are actually in the Promotional Business. Business with a capital B!
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