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Top Five Things to Boost Your Search Engine Optimization(on page)

Increase search engine positionWhen building a website using good practices of search engine optimization, it’s important to keep in mind that rules that apply today may not be around later. Providing good standards of SEO will not give you a potential increase on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but will also make the content more usable for the website visitor. Learning those good web design practices, and keeping up on the latest SEO standards will show in your website stats and sales conversions.

  1. H1<h1> HTML Tags – Search Engines often put a lot of Weight on the keywords located in the H1 tag. If your site does not have a H1 tag, it would be worth adding.
  2. Keyword Weights – It’s a common mistake with SEO to make a site sound ‘spammy’, or unreadable because of adding too many keywords. A good rule according to current standards is not to have the keywords greater than 6 percent, and no less than 1 percent and remember, no optimization should ever override user experience.
  3. Domain Name- The domain name choice with the keywords you use makes a difference with the search engines. If a site is about puppy care, it helps to have the keywords ‘puppy care’ in the domain name.  It also makes a difference with your URL(web address) and that’s why you see things like ‘yourdomainproduct.com/puppy-care-with-new-born.html’, instead of  just ‘/page.html’.
  4. Page Title- On your pages, using keywords in the title does make a difference, but again, you don’t want the page title to sound WEIRD.
  5. Image Alt Tags- Keywords for the page your creating should always be placed in alternative text to make it more readable to the search engines.

The above is some of what are my personal top picks when building a website, but is not to say that those are the only rules for good SEO, nor do they all have to be strictly enforced. If your site name for example is without keywords, it’s still ok, but these are tips for maximum optimization.

4 Responses to Top Five Things to Boost Your Search Engine Optimization(on page)

  • seo says:

    How do you get your website to the top, and what exactly is seo?

    Anyone know any good internet people who can make my website perform better?

  • Rod Allen says:

    Hi SEO, That’s a good question. I bet you can if you don’t waste your time on blog spamming.

  • I have done some experimenting with Domain Names (nr.3 in your list) and have concluded that a (too) long domain name loses a lot of ‘points’ versus a short(er) domain name because almost no searches will exactly match a long domain name. Therefore I always recommend to use a shorter domain name which targets max. 2 or 3 keywords. In your example I would therefore choose for: yourdomainproduct.com/puppy-care.html.

  • Rod Allen says:

    Agreed. Domain names longer than 2 or 3 words takes attention from your target keywords which should always be short as possibly.

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