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The Latest Internet Marketing Trend Pays You to Show What You Know

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money online, you’re not alone. It seems as if everyone is looking for overnight wealth with no effort. Unless you are fortunate enough to win the lottery, that’s not going to happen. You can have the next best thing – make money doing what you love. Don’t let your mind start going south here. There are (hopefully) plenty of legitimate, respectable things you love to do. Maybe its sports, books, landscaping, crafts, knitting or HTML code – you name it, there are people reading about it.

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The Many Faces of the Facebook Like Button

Have you liked a post today?I have always studied the human condition since I was a young lad, trying to figure out why people did what they did. People can be strange creatures indeed, and sometimes just weird, but my conclusion was what drives the human condition more than most things about us is the need for self-expression, ergo la facebook. Facebook has become the most popular single website on the search engines, and one of the best outlets to waste my time. I can sit, watch tv, talk on the phone, build websites, and at the same time, get validated that “I just ate a nice bowl of pinto beans”.

One of the features of the facebook website that we’re all familiar with is the “Like” button. The like button is a little benign link that gives us all that small orgasm of “hey, I am somebody”, and makes me feel important that “I just got a coffee at Starbucks!”, or “Whoopie made a LOL on The View”. Taking a closer look at the facebook like button, I can see many facets to why I think people click on that little bitty damn thing, and the results are interesting if not revealing. Continue reading

5 People that Will Make Your Business Fail

Five People to Wreck your CompanyDuring my travels, I have seen many start-ups for organizations. The best are those that all in the group have the same vision and have a clear path to the goal, but during a start up, often a path is unclear.  When an unclear path happens, “gaps” are filled with not so great things. Here are a few types of those personalities that can rear their ugly head:

The Dreamer– It reminds me of when I was young and smoking pot with friends, and coming up with an idea. “Yeah man, and then we can…”. As you can imagine, no call to action with any of these “brilliant” ideas, and the dreamer loves to spend hours expanding on anything that gets everyone’s attention, Continue reading

Interview with the Buzzom.com CEO discussing it’s history and future(iWebgorilla exclusive).

CEO of InRev systems Buzzom .com is rated one of the top social media tools for Twitter today. I had a chance to do an online interview with the CEO and founder of Buzzom , and InRev Systems, Bhupendra Khanal. We discussed the roots of Buzzom.com and what the future holds.

Question 1- What gave you idea for Buzzom?

Bhupendra: InRev started as a MIS Reporting and Analytics Company and built product for Web based reporting named Scoop. The sales were low for Scoop as it hit the market in Feb 2009 which was mid-recession period.

We then shifted our focus to B2C(business to consumer) through an Continue reading

Internet Radio and a New Marketing Method for Online Business

Internet Radio is now good for affiliate marketers and businessesInternet radio for business and internet marketing is now a viable media to get a message out with minimal cost and grown beyond the realm of casual hobbyist.  To get started with your internet station, use SHOUT cast http://shoutcast.com or ICEcast http://Icecast.org from your living room with WINAMP http://winamp.com and a  SHOUTcast DSP http://shoutcast.com/download or EDCAST http://oddsock.org . The best thing is this setup is totally free.  To play licensed music, there is very affordable royalty licensing available from companies like LIVE365, SWCast, or Loudcaster.   You don’t want to spend money on licensed Continue reading

The Trololo Video and the Story Behind It.

One of the best youtube videosOne of the best Youtube videos is Trololo. The video has spead like wildfire across the internet for a while but everyone is now posting what some consider almost a parody of performers during the 60’s classic, the  Lawrence Welk show.  To current day internet users, Edward Kril’s hairstyle seems odd and strange as do his facial expressions and gestures.  The ironic thing is that the performance was real, but the words were intentionally removed because the Soviet Censors blocked the content of the song considering it too racy Continue reading

The Five Biggest Business Fails with Internet Advertising

Is you online company profile good?Internet  advertising is now part of the business world. What I mean is it works just like offline businesses in the way that it’s location, location, location, and right now the internet is where people are gathering(over 1/3 of their waking time), but many businesses see advertising on the NET and assign it with little value because it’s not tangible, and they refuse to validate it’s business potential to increase revenue.

When companies start an advertising campaign, they assume it works Continue reading

Top Five Things to Boost Your Search Engine Optimization(on page)

Increase search engine positionWhen building a website using good practices of search engine optimization, it’s important to keep in mind that rules that apply today may not be around later. Providing good standards of SEO will not give you a potential increase on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but will also make the content more usable for the website visitor. Learning those good web design practices, and keeping up on the latest SEO standards will show in your website stats and sales conversions. Continue reading

Coffeecup Software – Web Development? It’s not just a breakfast drink(new designers) anymore.

Web Professionals Use Professional SoftwareThis is my story about one web design company I have grown to respect and appreciate over the years.

The year was 2005. I searched for software to build a website. There was plenty out on the market like netobjects and such, but I wanted something simple that I could be creative with. I didn’t know any HTML or Search Engine Optimization. A friend of mine found Coffeecup. I would go to their forums and ask what I thought was silly questions about web design, but folks like Adam and Inger never belittled me and everyone was always supportive. Continue reading

How do you choose a product to promote on the internet?

Promote your internet products carefullyDon’t mean to be a bigger buzz kill than Buzz Killington, but let me first say, if you believe any of the hype on making riches quick, you’re going down the wrong path. If anyone who sold Internet Marketing products or methods and is making money, in most cases will NOT share it->unless that niche has lost it’s revenue potential.

When looking at a company to promote, these are the factors I look for:

  • 1- Are they a stable company with a track record?(Always Google and research)
  • 2- Do they seem honest(yes, sometimes they don’t pay)? Continue reading